July 22nd- 23rd, 2020


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Panels on Connectivity and Real Estate


Keynote: Network with Industry Leaders

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The Second Event in our Virtual Series will be held on July 22nd and 23rd and powered by OnGo, the CBRS Alliance and free to enter. We intend to build on the huge success we experienced at our first, groundbreaking event in April that featured panels, exhibitor booths, expert chats, keynotes and active chat rooms. If you are a real estate person and are looking to learn all about your connectivity choices, cybersecurity needs, new SaaS models and IoT device opportunities you will want to join us for this event. If you are looking to hear from real estate leaders exactly what they are looking for in the post Covid era we will provide that too. Connected Real Estate and our parent Fifth Gen Media have become known for bringing the best minds from both worlds (real estate and communications) together to express their ideas and needs.


Wednesday, 7/22

9:30 AM
Exhibit Hall

Booths Open, Join us in the Exhibit Hall for great content, View videos, Chat with Exhibitors and Compete for Prizes


A View from the Top- Hear from the CRE leaders that are living it today.

JP Flaherty
Participants: Tishman
Kent Tarrach
Participants: Real Estate Industry Expert
Chris Rising
Participants: Rising Realty
Rahul Bammi
Participants: View

What do they see ahead from connectivity and tech in their existing buildings, buildings still on the drafting table and how do they intend to move forward with tech, cybersecurity, Proptech etc. Find out when they tell you directly with an eye towards how the tech world is appealing to real etstae leaders with tech that is just hitting the market


Fire Codes require In-Building Public Safety Radio Coverage. Discover How to Optimize your Investment

John Foley
Moderated by: Safer Buildings Coalition
Michael Cassell
Communications Electronics
Kevin Kurz
Jeff Funderburg
Participants: Airwavz
Rebecca Hunter
Participants: Aero Wireless Group
Scott Umemoto
Participants: Day Wireless

Building owners are not without options or leverage in their projects. This panel of industry experts shares tips and strategies for getting the most out of this expense by:

  • Discussing the fundamental elements (both material and labor) that public safety infrastructure deployments have in common with PropTech
  • Understanding the cost drivers in these projects and how an expert knowledge of the code requirements can save significant costs by selecting the right materials and equipment and negotiating with code officials
  • Describing creative funding vehicles that can convert up-front capital expense into managed operating expense
  • Exposing common planning mistakes that will keep the contractors and inspectors coming back – disturbing your tenants and creating unnecessary cost
  • Properly planning for next gen technologies your tenants want – like CBRS and 5G


Meet the Experts:  7 Common costly mistakes with your In-Building Wireless system you need to avoid

Brought to you by: C Squared Systems

Regardless of the technology (Cellular, Wi-Fi, Public Safety, CBRS, etc.) your in-building wireless system is a continuing process and not a single project that is ever “complete.” Our experts will show you what you need to consider when planning, installing, testing, and updating your wireless networks and how the right choices save you time, hassles, and money, all based on our 20+ years of real-world experience with in-building systems.

Exhibit Hall/ Chat/ Lounge

Lunch Break

Take this time to eat and network with your peers in the Lounge. We will have some great interactive discussions on many different topics.


CBRS/Private LTE- Private networks that you can own.

Sponsored by:The CBRS Alliance
Moderated byJohn Gilbert
Participants: Rudin Management
Dave Wright
Participants: CBRS Alliance
Rod Nelson
Participants: Geoverse
Paul Reddick
Participants: Crown Castle
Tormod Larsen
Participants: ExteNet
Bill Shouldis
Participants: Intenna Systems Inc.

Hear what you need to know about this hot topics for CRE leaders. The Discussion will include the FCC auctions, how to install a network, how to maximize its use for returning to work.


What are the new trends for Building owners to watch in the Proptech space?- From your windows to your tenant’s experience what’s new and what’s next.

Sponsored by:View
Ken Discipio
Participants: Tavistock Group/Lake Nona
Amit Sarin
Participants: View
Ryan Croft
Participants: Transit Screen
Nick Austin
Participants: Comfy App

What is the newest of new technologies for real estate today. Listen to this panel and find out. What are the trends in IoT for lighting, cameras in the workplace, sensors, disinfecting work areas and even intelligent windows. Don't miss this!


Meet the Experts

Connected with Laurie:

Join Laurie Caruso as she interviews multiple CRE and Wireless Experts

Kevin Hanson
Participants: Google

Day One Keynote: Sponsored by ZenFi Networks

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Joel Lindholm from Facebook could not be with us today but we are pleased that the Kevin Hanson from Google will replace him for our Keynote today and will be interviewed by Laurie Caruso

Exhibit Hall/ Chat/ Lounge

Happy Hour Zoom Meetings

1-CBRS- 2- Progress of Return to work 3- Smart Buildings/IoT 4- General Chat

Thursday, 7/23


Diversity in Real Estate ‐ How do we define diversity today?

Sponsored by Anxiter/CTS

Joe Dyton
Participants: Connected Real Estate Magazine
Garry Cooper
Adam Stanley
Cushman and Wakefield
Melanie RuizMelanie Ruiz
Dana Getz

This panel will explore the challenges and opportunities for getting ahead as a woman or person of color in the real estate, proptech and connectivity space.

Exhibit Hall

Better Buildings, Better Business: A Multi-Industry Call-to-Action

Across the world, public safety is the most important priority for citizens, emergency first responders, building owners, municipalities, local governments and more. So why isn’t it on an exponential deployment trajectory? This fast-moving session shares constructive and bold ideas to complete the mission while delivering benefits unique to CRE, wireless ecosystem and public-safety stakeholders.


Supply Chain Services and System Integration- Best practices for the COVID 19 era

Sponsored by Anxiter/CTS

Shane Rubin
Participants: CTS
Brett Chester
Participants: Site Tracker
Amy Huizenga
Participants: Anixter
Laurie Caruso
Participants: Safe FiTechnology

Peter Bordonaro
Moderated by:Anixter

One of the most important parts of any deployment is the supply chain and lead time. Understanding your equipment needs, how to get the equipment and how to make sure that you have everything necessary before you start construction.


What are the Cybersecurity ramifications of the new offerings in Connectivity-5G, WiFI 6, CBRS etc?

Min Kyriannis
Participants: JMK Group
Richard Sherwin
Participants: SpotOn Networks
Jon Morris
Participants: Ballast Networks
Brian Higgins
Participants: Aditum
Walter Mehl
Participants: JBB
David Kinnaird
Participants: Essensys

As workers return to work they will begin to see new protocols and new technologies that will have cybersecurity issues and huge benefits to take into account. Our panelists will explore the features, benefits and pitfalls of this “brave new connectivity world”

11:30 AM

Meet the Experts: The Freedom of Owning a Verizon Signal Source

The ability of building owners, enterprises and integrators to own a Verizon signal source creates tremendous flexibility when tackling in-building communication challenges.  Learn how Nokia industry-leading radios can provide Verizon service in a variety of in-building scenarios: from small retail locations to large office complexes and everything in between. The conversation will also touch upon the advantages of signal source ownership - from deployment times to financial models.



Michael Kuczura - Service Provider as a Partner, Nokia

Thomas Murphy – In-building DAS & Small Cells, Nokia

Lionel Batten – Service Solutions, Nokia

Tim Sullivan – Enterprise, Private Networks, AMT

Exhibit Hall/ Chat/ Lounge

Lunch Break - Take this time to eat and network with your peers in the Lounge. We will have some great interactive discussions on many different topics.


How can CBRS and Private networks be your gateway to 5G- what a private network can do for you

Sponsored by: Geoverse
Dr. Juanya Bu
Participants: CTS
Todd Landry
Participants: JMA
Ray LaChance
Participants: Zenfi Networks
Tom Wheeler
Jon Morris
Moderated by:Ballast Networks

Shared Digital infrastructure goes beyond physical assets and in the future will include shared spectrum. Learn how CBRS and other technologies can help In-building deployments to maximize the benefits of shared fiber, shared siting, and shared aggregation points. The discussion will also include how spectrum will become a core component of neutral host communications infrastructure and 5G ecosystems.

1:30 PM

Meet the Experts


Smart Buildings- what are they in reality and what are they NOT?

Moderated By:Steve Anson
Participants: Anixter
Emmanuel Daniel
Participants: Microsoft
Betsy Raju
Participants: HoneyWell
Kyle Tooke
Participants: ThoughtWire
Tom Shircliff
Intelligent Buildings

What's your definition of a smart building? Hear from the experts what's happening now and what the future holds with smart building technology and the return to work movement.


Commercial Real Estate Round Table

Andrew Segal
Participants: Boxer Properties
Rudy Reagin
Participants: Deutche Bank
Jonathan Schultz
Participants: Onyx Equitites
Steve Todd
Participants: Open Sourced Workplace
Andrew Weakland
Participants: WP Carrey

Hear from a group of accomplished Senior Real Estate leaders on how they view the connectivity challenge and what lies ahead with RTW and WFH challenges. You won’t be disappointed listening to this enlightened group hand picked for this event


Closing Remarks by:

Rich Berliner

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